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We provide DIT with Drupal consultancy and development services to help their very capable team with some of the trickier aspects of their Drupal implementations. DIT say that our "in-depth knowledge ... skilled mentoring and excellent project management helped [them] to deliver a robust solution" - just like a qualification from this prestigious institution.

DIT Testimonial

We worked closely with Annertech on the €4.2m EC supported research project DECIPHER. Annertech were decisive in helping the project met its objectives and they were a key team extension to a group of over 25 researchers. Their in-depth knowledge of Drupal, skilled mentoring and excellent project management helped us to deliver a complex yet robust solution. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Who Said It: 
Eoin Kilfeather
What's Their Position: 
Principal Investigator, Digital Media Centre