Oxfam Ireland

Oxfam work directly with communities and local partners to support people to make their way out of poverty and exercise their social, economic, political and civil rights. Oxfam Ireland is one of 17 Oxfams working together in 92 countries and has 51 shops across Ireland, north and south, with over 1,000 volunteers delivering real change to the lives of people affected by poverty.

We provide Oxfam Ireland with on-going Drupal consultancy and development services to their Oxfam Ireland website, maintaining the site, adding new features, and integrating with their CRM system – challenges Oxfam say we “meet without fail”.

Oxfam Ireland Testimonial

We worked with Annertech for a complete redesign and rebuild of our website on the Drupal platform. Delivery of the project was required within a very demanding timeframe, which Annertech met without fail. The website was developed in a way that was fully responsive and mobile friendly which won it lots of attention in various blogs and among other non profit organisations, both in Ireland and internationally. One of the outstanding things about working with Annertech is the breadth of their technical knowledge, their proactive approach, their commitment and availability and above all, the quality of their final product. They are innovative in their working methodologies and a pleasure to work with. As a result, Oxfam Ireland has continued to work with Annertech as our preferred web partners. 

Who Said It: 
Keith McManus
What's Their Position: 
Digital Communications Manager