Limerick City and County Council

Limerick City Council is constantly evolving and meeting the challenges of a new Ireland on a world stage. It endeavours to efficiently maintain a constant, creative, socially beneficial range of democratic local government initiatives through a close partnership process with community and authority staff for the development of an inclusive society.

Annertech are proud to work as consultants to Limerick City and County Council on the website and other projects, sharing our knowledge of Drupal, server administration, and version control systems such as git. Hosting and Support Testimonial

I have worked with Annertech for over two years. In that time I have found Annertech to be an organisation that is dedicated to technical and customer excellence. The discipline that Annertech continuously demonstrates is evident in every interaction that I have had with them. Questions are answered with an insight that reveals their deep whole stack knowledge of PHP, Drupal, MySQL and related technologies. Their work demonstrates a mature and effective software engineering process that always delivers outstanding results for us. Employees are driven by a genuine desire to understand the problem at hand and to identify and execute the best solution for both the current context and for future issues that might arise. This commitment to engineering and customer excellence is a refreshing experience and is the main reason why I can fully recommend Annertech.

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James Sweeney
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IS Analyst/Developer