Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Set up by the Irish Catholic Bishops in 1973, they work with amazing people to bring about positive and lasting changes in some of the world's poorest places. We have been partnering with Trócaire for over 5 years now, migrating their website from CMS Made Simple to Drupal 6, then Drupal 7, then a responsive site, then ... basically, we do a lot of work with this great organisation.

To have our work validated by Trócaire to the extent that they say our work is "top notch" and that we are "extremely reliable and highly recommended" is hugely inspiring for us. We like to say the same about them.

Trócaire Testimonial

We approached the guys at Annertech to move our website to a fast, reliable and secure platform - and we've never looked back since. Annertech set us up with a fantastic online donation system, a full online store and also integrated our website with our CRM. All their work was top notch, they provide solid support and are genuinely passionate about what they do. Most importantly, Annertech's work is reliable. Almost 3 years later and we're still working with them on new projects. Extremely reliable and highly recommended.

Who Said It: 
Keith McManus
What's Their Position: 
Online Co-ordinator