Age Action's Christmas FM Campaign

Age Action's Christmas FM Campaign

Optimising and streamlining Age Action's donation forms.

Age Action is a charity which promotes positive ageing and better policies and services for all older people living in Ireland. They help ensure these people can live with dignity and respect, and remain actively engaged in society. In 2014, Age Action was chosen as Christmas FM's charity for the year. Christmas FM is an all volunteer radio station broadcasting Christmas music from Dublin around Ireland and online, and each year they raise much needed funds for a nominated charity.

Annertech was on-hand to help Age Action prepare for the big campaign and get as much benefit as possible from it. Services we provided included high performance Drupal hosting, and the creation of a Christmas campaign landing page and optimised donation forms.


After being selected as the Christmas FM charity for 2014, Age Action realised that they needed to make some changes to their website in order to be fully prepared for the campaign. They approached us at Annertech for some advice.

Age Action's Christmas FM Campaign increase in website traffic

We made a number of recommendations to them, including sticking with their current Drupal 6 platform and postponing any upgrade of it until after the Christmas FM campaign. Age Action took us up on this, allowing us to put our efforts into performance, scalability, and optimising the donations section of their website.

We carried out the following steps:

  • Moved them onto Aberdeen Cloud's hosting infrastructure to ensure the site would cope under the high traffic expected during the campaign.
  • Applied all pending security updates and switched them over to using the Pressflow Drupal distribution to avail of further performance gains.
  • Created a new donation landing page, along with a bespoke Christmas FM design for this page.
  • Rebuilt their once-off donation form so it was easier to use, and replaced their regular donation PDF with an online form, again with the Christmas FM design carrying through.
  • Made some minor changes to the overall design of the website.
  • Added social media integration for Facebook and Twitter.

The result of this work meant Age Action's website's traffic increased triple fold to almost 22,000 visitors in December 2014 without hitting any speed bumps. Almost 2,000 people donated online during the month - thanks to you all! - with almost half of these happening on "donations day". There was a target set to reach €100,000 in donations in one month. Was it met? You bet! 

Age Action's Christmas FM Campaign streamlined donation system

Age Action - Christmas FM Testimonial

What impressed us with Annertech from the start was their ability to identify our needs and find solutions to address these. Throughout the process they consulted us and kept us up to date with how each element of the project was progressing. They were very professional from start to finish.

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Eamon Timmins