Helping the Irish Cancer Society reach their online goals

Helping the Irish Cancer Society reach their online goals

A bird? A plane? No, a great CMS for a great organisation!

The Irish Cancer Society is Ireland's national cancer charity. It aims to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. In their own words, “we do this by providing up to date information and a range of services, and by influencing change and raising awareness of cancer issues”.

Annertech has been responsible for a number of projects for the Irish Cancer Society, working with their in-house team to provide on-going support and development on their website and a number of sub-sites. We consider ourselves very esteemed to have the trust of an organisation such as the Irish Cancer Society, who say we are their “port of call for web support”.


After designing a beautiful looking new website for the Irish Cancer Society, iQ Content approached Annertech to implement the design as a content management system.

Helping the Irish Cancer Society reach their online goals

Building a website using Drupal as the base CMS is easy for us. We're Ireland's leaders in this field. However, this particular project began in June 2011, the very early days of Drupal 7, so there was a lot of functionality that we had to custom code or upgrade from previous versions of Drupal. A notable achievement we implemented was creating a feature to allow people to make donations in memory of loved ones or as gifts for special occasions. We also wrote the code to allow Drupal Pay API to interact with the Realex payment gateway, integrated Google Custom Search, and allowed users to sign-up for fundraising events, such as mini-marathons. 

Creating forms is quite a difficult feature on a website. It's even more difficult if you are not a developer. We created a feature for the Irish Cancer Society website admins to be able to create complex, multi-step forms without the help of a developer. 


The new design of the Irish Cancer Society website fits very neatly in with their brand guidelines. By using a CMS, the site is now modern, fast, scalable, and helps them meet their digital objectives more easily. Being able to create forms at the click of a button is an added bonus for this great organisation.

Helping the Irish Cancer Society reach their online goals

Irish Cancer Society Testimonial

Annertech have been our port of call for web support for a couple of years now, and Alan and his team have been fantastic to deal with during that time, working through several large projects and providing regular and reliable support to help us past the technical issues which always crop up when rolling out any new functionality. They’ve played a significant role in the growth of the Irish Cancer Society’s web channels in recent years.

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Shane Breslin
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Web Services Manager