HIQA: Creating Online Publication Workflows and Moderation

HIQA: Creating Online Publication Workflows and Moderation

You don't have a CMS? You need a CMS.

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is Ireland's independent authority established to drive continuous improvement in Ireland’s health and social care services. It is an independent authority responsible for driving quality, safety and accountability in residential services for children, older people and people with disabilities in Ireland.

Annertech developed HIQA's website and now continues to work with them providing on-going consultancy, support, and maintenance to their website. According to HIQA, “Annertech are true experts when it comes to Drupal”. Who are we to argue?


HIQA had a website. A static website. With no content management system. As the organisation grew it quickly became clear that a new method for adding content to the website was needed - one that didn't necessitate calling a developer every time something needed to be changed. Step in Annertech.

HIQA: Creating Online Publication Workflows and Moderation

The first thing we needed to do was make sure that the HIQA web admin's life could be spent creating, adding, and editing content, not writing HTML. To this end, we decided upon Drupal as the CMS to use. Now, even though the number of publications coming from the organisation is increasing, the web admin can easily keep up. We designed a workflow for the website that mirrors the internal workflow of the organisation. This allows HIQA to publish reports and press releases in a more timely fashion. In addition, there is an extensive database of care centres, with a custom map to display all their details. The system is also integrated with internal databases; this allows content on the website to be automatically updated when these databases are updated.


HIQA web admins now spend less time writing code and more time focusing on getting their content to their website users. The web workflow mirrors their offline workflow, allowing for a much more rational approach to web publishing. Internal databases are used to update the website, adding another layer of streamlining to the publishing process.

HIQA: Creating Online Publication Workflows and Moderation


Annertech are true experts when it comes to Drupal. They are very professional and go above and beyond to ensure any work done is of excellent quality. They always find a good solution and it was a pleasure working with them. 

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