Migration of RMG.co.uk to Drupal from Amaxus CMS

Migration of RMG.co.uk to Drupal from Amaxus CMS

A highly complex migration from Amaxus to Drupal.

Royal Museums Greenwich comprises four sites: the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory, the Queen's House and Cutty Sark. Together these constitute one museum working to illustrate for everyone the importance of the sea, ships, time and the stars and their relationship with people.


Annertech started working with the Royal Museums Greenwich in October 2013. RMG had an existing website built on an old, and heavily customised, version of the Amaxus CMS. The site had evolved organically over time and was now struggling to meet the demands put upon it.  

Migration of Royal Museums Greenwich website to Drupal from Amaxus

Under a strict timeline and budget, Annertech migrated all the content, tags and users to Drupal, while retaining the existing design. It was a highly complex migration, involving the migration of some 15,000 pages of content, including approximately 3,000 "landing pages" which had varying layouts and consisted of embedded content, maps, slide shows, content listings and various other dynamic elements. There were also nearly 20,000 media items (images, galleries, video, audio, etc) to consider.

Through careful and detailed analysis of RMG's (then) existing database, we were able to provide highly configurable tools to allow them complete control over the layout and selection of content on every page. We also created features to allow widgets to be embedded on chosen pages. Once happy with how the migration was progressing, we created a workflow system for the ultimate editorial control.

We integrated the site with Apache Solr to build a lightening fast searchable events guide, as well as photo galleries of collections pulled from an external site.

Challenges faced:

  • Coming to grips with a highly normalised legacy, and undocumented, database and identifying the records to be retained.
  • Building a system into which we could automatically migrate landing pages with varying layouts and embedded components, while still retaining the flexibility for editors to modify the configuration and create new landing pages.

Well, we can look back now and smile, but that was certainly a very complex migration. What you might call, "the great migration". We are thrilled with the results of the project. RMG now have a spanking new website, built with the freshest Drupal ingredients, which lays the foundation for the next phase in their web strategy - make the website responsive. We're looking forward to it already.

Migration of Royal Museums Greenwich website to Drupal from Amaxus