NALA: E-commerce and CRM integration with Drupal

NALA: E-commerce and CRM integration with Drupal

E-commerce and CRMs - integrated seamlessly

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) is an independent charity based in Ireland committed to ensuring people with literacy and numeracy difficulties can fully take part in society and have access to learning opportunities that meet their needs. According to the last international survey, one in four - that is, about half a million - Irish adults have problems reading and writing.

Having designed and built their website and CRM, Annertech continues to work with NALA, providing Drupal and CiviCRM consulting, development and design services. They say “the best thing about working with Annertech is their ‘can do’ attitude”.


Annertech started working with NALA in 2012 to redevelop their site using Drupal 7 as the CMS. The initial phase of the project focused on a major re-factoring of how the site was organised in order to make it easier to navigate and find information. The outcome of this phase led to the production of a detailed site map and wireframes which were subsequently used as the basis for mapping out the rest of the project.

NALA: e-commerce and CRM integration with Drupal

NALA had an existing Drupal 6 site along with a CiviCRM installation. As most of the website was being overhauled and the content being rewritten, we opted to migrate a limited amount of content and accounts. This allowed us to start with a clean site, empty of legacy configuration and content, thereby making it easier to implement the changes that were required.

While NALA had an existing installation of CiviCRM, it wasn't being fully utilized. Part of the project focused on more closely integrating the two systems so membership, donations, events, shop purchases and the mailing list are all managed through CiviCRM. In addition, all of the organisation's contacts and its interactions with those contacts are managed within this CRM. Members are automatically given user accounts on the website and are accorded certain privileges for the duration of their membership. CiviCRM contact records provide a complete, holistic view of the contact, which means that staff members can access the information to speak intelligently with anyone who contacts the organisation. Our new implementation of CiviCRM allows users to become a member of NALA online, with this membership data automatically passed to the CRM. It even included an automatic renewal reminder system and grace periods. Records from all donations from the once-off donation form are also pushed to the CRM, as are all resources purchased in the online store. Using this CRM NALA site admins can create events (free and/or paid-for), allow people to register online and have the data automatically represented in their database and attached to any other interaction that person may have had previously with NALA.

With an emphasis on clarity, usability, and ensuring that the content is always clear and accessible, we designed and implemented a new look for NALA's website to better represent them on the web while also remaining true to their existing brand guidelines. The website is fully responsive with a navigation implementation that is easy to use on any device - mobile, tablet or desktop. We implemented a new layout and design system to allow site admins to create a variety of custom page layouts very easily. This allows them to publish their text, image and video content in a variety of ways, always communicating in the most effective manner on mobile, tablet or desktop. Resources are browsable and searchable for both shippable products and items that are downloadable. A directory of course providers was created and displayed with a searchable Google Map.


There was certainly a lot in this project - design, mobile-friendly, data migration, e-commerce, CRM systems, accessibility. We managed it, like we manage all our projects: on-time, on-budget, and, as NALA said, with a "can-do attitude".

NALA: e-commerce and CRM integration with Drupal


From the beginning, the best thing about working with Annertech was their ‘can do’ attitude. Not only did the team at Annertech always come up with solutions but more importantly for us, no request was ever too great and no issue was ever a problem. For this reason, as well as delivering a website on budget we look forward to working with them in the future.

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