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You're capable of doing it yourself, but need a little help? We're here for you. We love to share our knowledge.

We draw on many years of knowledge and expertise to get you to where you need to be with Drupal. Annertech are Ireland's expert Drupal trainers. We can also provide any Acquia training course.

We provide training on the following topics, all of which can be customised to your specific needs:

Site building

This is the part of Drupal that does not require any coding knowledge. We will show you how to get started building a site in Drupal; how to create content types, categorise you content, create lists of content and users, add fields to your content types to allow users to upload images, video, and other rich media, and how to extend the default functionality.

Custom Module Development

There is a Drupal meme “there's a module for that”. Well, not always. Sometimes you need to create some custom functionality that someone else hasn't created yet (or, at least, hasn't committed back to the community). Annertech have created hundreds of custom modules that do all manner of things for our clients. These can be anything from simple two file modules to full on API integrations (complete with shopping carts, maps, and RSS feeds). Let us help you get to grips with Drupal coding standards, Drupal-specific php, and how best to utilise the Drupal API to write smarter code quicker.


There are thousands of free Drupal themes on to allow you to change the look and feel of your website. But, let's face it, your website deserves (nay, demands) a custom look and feel that mirrors your corporate branding. Theming in Drupal has some quirks that you might need some help figuring out – should we use a base theme? Should we go for a fully custom-built theme? Why are my templates not stored in template.php? Annertech can guide you through the maze of Drupal theming and ensure your team can create beautiful, quick-loading responsive themes.

Git and Version Control

So, we've built a website. We've created our custom functionality. We've developed our theme. Now we realised that our website's configuration is stored in the database and to make changes to it means making changes to a live database. What happens if our changes break our website?

This is where version control comes in, and, especially, git, our version control system of choice. Annertech will show you through example how to get your site configuration into a codebase setup instead of a database setup. We will then “version control” this code, so at any time we can revert to previous versions of our code if there is an issue. Then, if we wish to make changes to our site, we can edit this codebase and deploy that code, eliminating the need to mess around with live databases.


Need help working out how best to get your content from a task list to your live site? This is where workflow comes in. We can show you sample systems for moderating your content – letting one user type create content, another verify and/or edit it, and another publish it. Then the question arises, who can unpublish/delete items? Well, again, this is what we call 'workflow'. Let Annertech show you what we know about workflow best practices.


Test-driven development leads to quicker turnaround of products, more secure code, better applications. We use Behat for front end test driven development. If you want to get up to speed with it, let us share what we know with you.

Got a Drupal training need that we haven't covered here? Get in touch and let us customise a training schedule for you.

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