Age Action's New Website: Bigger, Better, Faster

Age Action's New Website: Bigger, Better, Faster

We made it bigger, then better, then faster ... and now they can do even more "for all older people".

Age Action's website was built on Drupal 6 - a fine piece of engineering in its time, but its time was up. Updating the website was a little cumbersome. Pages didn't load as quickly as they'd like. The sitemap had gotten out of hand. Added to this, the site wasn't mobile friendly and the design looked tired. Annertech to the rescue.


We had already completed some very successful work with Age Action. The mission for this project was to build on those successes. We met with the Age Action team for a number of days to go through what should be kept from their old site, what was required on the new one, how these would be delivered, and how they should be presented to the website's users.

Age Action, mobile friendly Drupal 7 website on a Mobile Phone

Mark, our content strategist, led workshops on information architecture with Age Action to best develop a workable sitemap for the website, and also the content types that might be needed to facilitate this. Lisa, our lead web designer, developed a number of iterations of wireframes to demonstrate the information architecture before creating full scale designs of each site section and some sample pages.

Once we had agreement on the approach to be taken, Andrew, a lead backend developer with Annertech, built the website using Drupal 7. Content from the previous version of the website was mapped to its counterpart in the new website. Some new content types were created, and we made great use of structured content blocks on each page. This allows editors to choose the type of content they want on each page (image, text, image with caption, lists, video, etc.) and then easily add them. Since everything is pre-configured in the background, what the editors expect to see on a page is what they will see on a page. The page layout will not break or become ugly just because an editor has uploaded a video or an image - everything will automatically resize itself for best positioning on the page.

While this functionality was being created, Mark, our lead frontend developer, took to making the website look like the agreed designs. This approach meant that Age Action could see the website developing functionally and aesthetically at the same time, allowing them to quickly file any issue if what was being developed might not be as workable as it looked in the designs.

The website is hosted on our secure, Drupal-ready servers which are primed for performance.


This was our second project to work on with Age Action and we're chuffed to say it's been as successful as the first one. The design is modern and mobile friendly, the user experience is much more streamlined, and the content editors now have an easier time of it.

Age Action, mobile friendly Drupal 7 website on a iPad

Age Action - Christmas FM Testimonial

What impressed us with Annertech from the start was their ability to identify our needs and find solutions to address these. Throughout the process they consulted us and kept us up to date with how each element of the project was progressing. They were very professional from start to finish.

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