DIT School of Media: Helping creatives to tell a story

DIT School of Media: Helping creatives to tell a story

Creative people call for creative measures

Located in the heart of Ireland’s capital city, Dublin Institute of Technology provides an innovative, responsive and caring learning environment for a diverse range and level of programmes to students of all ages and backgrounds.

DIT say that our "in-depth knowledge ... skilled mentoring and excellent project management helped [them] to deliver a robust solution" - just like a qualification from this prestigious institution.


The School of Media in DIT started working with Annertech in late 2012, to create a brand new website presence. The brief was to produce a website that allowed staff and students to showcase the creative work ongoing within DIT, and to connect the students with the industry.

DIT School of Media: Helping creatives to tell a story

A design for the project had been prepared by the Digital Media Centre in DIT, but we modified the design to adapt it for a modern, responsive website.

Rather than have "yet-another-login", we developed full integration with LinkedIn, allowing users to login to the website using their LinkedIn credentials.

While students can add and edit content directly, it was felt that a degree of moderation was required as this is the public facing website. To that end, we implemented a custom workflow to allow users to make changes, and have them quickly approved by site editors.

The source content for the backlog of years was across a number of different media types. We consolidated this to appropriate media providers and have custom SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo integration. This has the added benefit of promoting the students’ work on these social networks as well as the main iStory website.

The site is hosted on Annertech’s custom Drupal hosting platform, and a number of new features have been rolled out since project commencement.


DIT School of Media now have a beautifully designed, responsive website that allows students in this very creative department to easily showcase the great work they are doing to others. External login systems (via their Linkedin accounts) means they don't need to remember login credentials for this website. Integration with third party media providers means greater exposure for this great bunch of students.

DIT School of Media: Helping creatives to tell a story

DIT School of Media

Annertech's excellent technical expertise, matched with very collaborative problem solving skills and a transparent client project management made working with them an absolute pleasure

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Hugh McAtamney
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Head of School of Media, DIT