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E-commerce solutions and websites in Ireland
The most-scalable open source e-commerce platform.

We contribute more knowledge and code to open source e-commerce solutions than any other agency in Ireland. We can help your website to pay for itself.

Our rock solid e-commerce platform uses Drupal Commerce, the same open source solution that powers websites such as The Royal Mail which transacts over a billion pounds a year online.

We have utilised this to build online stores that range from simple once-off donations and recurring payments pages to full scale e-commerce experiences. We have created best-in-class solutions for selling physical products such as computers and clothing and also downloadable products such as tickets and e-cards.

We are proud to use Drupal Commerce with the Realex payment gateway for our online stores, but even more proud that if any other agency uses the same feature set, they have us to thank for writing the code to integrate the two - that's basically every Drupal Commerce store in Ireland, whether built by Annertech or another agency. We also wrote the integration for Drupal Commerce and some CRMs and donations systems. When Ubercart was the preferred e-commerce solution for Drupal, we wrote the Realex integration for this as well. Why do we tell you all this? Simple - why engage someone else to implement our work?

Why e-commerce?

It's simple - a higher return on investment; e-commerce allows for business expansion without expanding your shop space. Actually, you may not even need shop space, you could simply be an internet company.

More and more people are shopping online. If your business hasn't got an online store, you could be missing out on some of this potential revenue.

Online stores pay for themselves. You can start small with just some select best-sellers, then some of the revenue generated from this can be used to finance the next section in your e-commerce strategy. For example, adding widgets and calls to action ("People who purchased X also purchased Y"). The revenue from this can finance the next section and so on. It's a great way for you to continuously integrate new features and for your business to continue to grow.

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