Our Services

  • Our bread and butter. We relish taking on big projects and turning them into reality.

    • Bespoke CMS development
    • E-commerce Solutions
    • Intranet solutions
  • Website Design is where art meets science.
    We'll guide you through the obstacles.

    • Dealing with multiple browsers
    • Creating a design both beautiful and fast
    • Dealing with accessibility concerns
  • A website isn't done the day it goes live. To get the full value over the lifetime of the website, you may need

    • Ongoing support
    • Performance analysis
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Further development
  • Do you need to get up to speed with Drupal? We can help you get off to a flying start. Courses include

    • Module development
    • Theme development
  • Drupal is one of the most secure web platforms available, but we can offer further services to give you peace of mind.

    • Security reviews
    • Code audits
    • Server configuration
  • Annertech can provide you with a hosting solution for your website. Options include:

    • Shared hosting
    • Virtual private servers
    • Dedicated servers
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We're often asked by clients and potential clients if there are any courses which will give them a good hands-on view of Drupal, what it does, and how to do it. And now we can say, yes there is.

Aside from bespoke training which we do on a regular basis for clients, we've decided to provide a public training day which is open to anybody. The course presented is Acquia's "Drupal in a day" , and participants will receive a full course manual.

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After designing a beautiful looking new website for the Irish Cancer Society, iQ Content approached Annertech to implement the design as a content management system.


The Alliance had an existing Drupal 5 website to which it wanted to make some modifications, including the addition of social media elements and improvements to the site structure and navigation. As Drupal 7 had just been released, Annertech recommended upgrading the website as part of the proposal.