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Adrien Sirjacques Drupal Backend Developer

Backend extraordinaire Adrien has figured out the perfect way to combine his two passions – coding and travelling. French-born Adrien is Annertech's digital nomad: he spends his days writing code and solving problems while being inspired by some of the world's most beautiful places.

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Alan Burke Director of Technology

As Director of Technology, Alan plans and architects solutions to the complex problems Annertech solves on a daily basis.

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Alison Visser Head of Content

After more than two decades in journalism, Alison now collaborates with Annertech's clients to ensure that their content is the best it possibly can be.

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Anthony Lindsay Director of Managed Services

With decades of experience, Anthony leads the Annertech Managed Services Team, delivering top quality design, development, and, ultimately peace-of-mind services to all of Annertech's wonderful clients.

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Bill Seremetis Drupal Developer

Bill has been part of the Drupal community since 2008. He works on support, site security and performance for Annertech clients.

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Christopher Torgalson Fullstack developer

Christopher Torgalson is a multi-skilled developer. Although his focus is on the front-end, he enjoys turning his hand to “DevOpsy” things, especially automation.

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Claire O'Brien Accounts Manager

With more than 20 years experience in finance, mainly in the community and charity sector, Claire looks after all the invoicing, in and out for Annertech.

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Daniel Pickering Head of Infrastructure

Daniel Pickering is the person behind the smooth running of Annertech's infrastructure. He is a Drupal specialist with fullstack experience in development, support and administration across a range of platforms.

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Dermot Frost Director

Dermot is the co-founder of Annertech. Although he is not involved in day-to-day operations, he retains his role as a director.

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Emily McLaughlin Project Manager

Emily is a digital project manager with 10 years‘ project management experience with an added three years‘ previous experience in website frontend development. Emily has been working with Annertech since 2019.

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Erik Erskine Senior Backend Developer

Erik Erskine is a senior backend developer. He often takes the lead in our more challenging migrations, often for large third-level colleges and universities.

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Gavin Hughes Senior Support Engineer

With a great interest in test-driven development, Gavin is a senior support engineer, tasked with resolving some of our more complex support requests.

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Giorgos Kontopoulos Drupal Developer

Giorgos has 20 years of experience in all aspects of web development. He helps Annertech's customers build better experiences on their websites.

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Heather Smith Delivery Manager

Heather is one of the delivery managers on the Managed Services team, and keeps the day-to-day requests running smoothly for all clients. She has been working with Drupal (and Drupal users) for more than 10 years, and strives to ensure our clients feel the value from the Managed Services contract.

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Jaime Seuma Senior Backend Developer

Jaime is a seasoned backend developer, and has worked with many different programming languages and technology. Give him a powerful API, and he’ll move the world (his world, at least).

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Juanluis Lozano Frontend Developer

Juanluis is a Senior Frontend Developer who has been working with Drupal for almost a decade, and is the only Annertechie based in the Balkans! As well as Drupal, he has a great fondness for GatsbyJS and other headless technologies.

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Karen Leech Account Manager

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Keith Jay Drupal developer and designer

Keith is a web designer specialising in creating intuitive digital experiences. He primarily works in Drupal to enable Annertech’s clients to look after their own great-looking content.

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Luke Brennan UI Designer

Luke has been designing since 2011, with a particular interest and focus on user interface design. He also has considerable experience creating solutions for digital and social, motion, print, branding and consumer goods.

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Maeve Dunne Data Protection Officer

Integrating privacy into your business and marketing strategy builds trust and loyalty for your brand. Maeve takes a common-sense approach to data protection regulation and provides clients with independent data protection officer support.

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Mark Conroy Director of Development

When not promoting sustainable front-end practices at conferences across Europe, Mark leads our development team to create ambitious digital experiences for clients, so they, in turn, can have success with their clients.

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Mark Davies Support Engineer

Mark, a 15-year Drupal developer, strengthens the Managed Services team's customer service and support with his expertise, ensuring top-notch solutions and seamless website performance.

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Martin O'Reilly Delivery Manager

As one of the Delivery Managers in the Managed Services Team, Martin ensures the smooth and efficient delivery of website support services to our clients

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Mike King Director of Projects

Mike is Annertech's Director of Projects - among other things. He joined Annertech in 2013, and has more than 25 years' experience in technical project management and consulting.

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Nick Morahan Support Engineer

Nick is a support engineer, based in Galway, but originally from New Zealand. Much of his work is on "mini projects" - new features and enhancements to our clients' currently-existing websites.

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Petr Illek Frontend Developer

Petr, based in Czech Republic, is an Acquia Certified Frontend Specialist with over a decade of experience with Drupal Frontend. He is also at the forefront of organising conferences for hundreds of attendees.

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Phil Bicking Frontend Developer

Phil has a passion for frontend design and development, and loves nothing more than taking a static mockup and turning it into a fully functioning website.

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Ricardo Flores Galán UX Designer

Ricardo is our lead UX designer with almost 20 years' experience in the industry. A native of Spain, he is a multi-awardwinning designer and is a regular contributor to UX events across Europe.

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Sarah Herbertson Accessibility Engineer

Working within the Managed Services team, Sarah work closely with clients to ensure their websites are as accessibility friendly as possible, using Annertech’s comprehensive accessibility audits to ensure clients receive the best results possible. 

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Seán O'Connell Project Manager

Sean helps ask tricky questions to guide Annertech's clients from concept to creation.     

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Simon White Support Engineer

Simon is a frontend-focused Drupal developer in Managed Services who specializes in building, testing, and deploying high-quality websites to live production environments. He also reviews code from other developers and provides excellent customer support to clients.

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Stella Power Managing Director

As well as being the founder and managing director of Annertech, Stella is one of the best known Drupal contributors in the world.

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Tom Bamford Accessibility Specialist, Senior Frontend Developer

Tom is our advocate for delivering inclusive, clean, and comprehensive frontend code, meeting WCAG accessibility success metrics. He has spent the last decade highlighting the benefits of component or styleguide driven design, especially in relation to the intersection of PatternLab and Drupal.

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Tony Barker Drupal Frontend Specialist

Tony is a Drupal frontend specialist. He brings many years of experience in balancing design, performance, accessibility and usability to realise objectives and bring user experiences to life.

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Valentin Zsigmond Drupal Backend Developer

Valentin is a seasoned fullstack developer, passionately dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences. He strives to stay updated, experiment with novel approaches, and push the boundaries of what's possible with Drupal.

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Vít Moravsky Drupal Backend Developer

Vit, an Acquia Grand Master, is a senior developer specialising in backend development, including API integrations, Drupal/Symfony plugins, writing custom modules and automated testing.