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27 November 2014

Annertech: Among the Best Drupal Developers in the World

It's official: Annertech are one of the best Drupal development agencies in the world. We've just been selected by Clutch as market leaders for Drupal services, the only Irish company to achieve such an accolade.

According to Stella Power (@snpower), our Managing Director, this award "shows again how much time and effort we put into honing our craft, trying to be better than others in our field, and, ultimately, succeeding. The reviews our clients gave us just go to prove that we go that extra mile to make sure they receive the product they deserve".

After going through the rigourous process to prove our credentials (a review of our website (its portfolio and our client list), a phone interview, 3 interviews with key clients, and more), the results came in. With a 94% satisfaction rating, we not only made it on the list, but entered near the top of it - with only 11 companies in the world ahead of us.

So, what did our clients say about us?

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

DIT said:

  • We quickly realized that Annertech was really the only company we could seriously think about approaching
  • The Annertech work obviously boosted user adoption rates by an order of magnitude
  • The quality of their work is top notch

Local Government Management Agency (LMGA)

The LGMA said:

  • [Annertech are] very approachable and very responsive
  • We’ve deeply appreciated their transparency and straightforward approach to project management
  • We’re very impressed with how well the platform works
  • We‘ve always found their technical knowledge in Drupal, PHP, and the whole Linux environment, to be of great value to us
  • There are very few companies that could have delivered the project within the specified timeframe
  • I don’t have any recommendations for improvement

Oxfam Ireland

Oxfam Ireland said:

  • [Annertech are] very agile and very collaborative, all with a view to never missing a deadline
  • They're very accessible, and communication around their availability is excellent
  • They were by far the most cost effective
  • On the statistics side, we saw an instant improvement in our conversion rates
  • They’re extremely reliable
  • What they deliver works
  • They deliver on time

What is Clutch?

Clutch is a service that identifies "leading services firms that deliver results for their clients [..] through an innovative research process that melds the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services". They are constantly reviewing and updating their database of best-in-class providers for a range of services. Most recently, the reviewed and updated their Drupal listings and selected Annertech as a potential market leader.

So, if you want to work with the best in the world, you want to work with Annertech.

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