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30 September 2014

#DrupalCon Amsterdam: Day 2

So, here is the second "daily" Annertech round up of DrupalCon Amsterdam (we forgot to write the first blog post, so bear with us!).

Day 2 of DrupalCon is the day the sessions begin - lots of sessions, on lots of topics, by lots of great speakers. The result: Too much to take in. The solution: bring 10 Annertechies (well, 9 really - we left one at home manning the barricades) so they can spread themselves around the venue and soak up the vast amounts of knowledge being dispensed. The blog post: a massive sprawling tract that I have decided to condense into each Annertechie's "take away moment" from the day. Of course, this is not to mention that Annertech's Stella Power was on stage as part of the prenote speech (see main image) and Alan Burke will be giving a presentation tomorrow.

Here's what we loved and are looking forward to more of:


"Everyone should blog more. PR is cool."


"I really liked the works example of a Symphony console app that was thorough enough so I now know how to start building my own. It was also the funniest DrupalCon session I was ever at."


"The Object Oriented Programming session reminded me of everything I had forgotten from years ago."


"I really loved the idea of stripping and adding classes at the template layer in Twig, as demonstrated by Morten."


"I was delighted to chat with Lewis Nyman and John Albin at an impromptu grunt.js demo, after the 'Getting a Clue at the Command Line' session."


"You've got to work hard when expanding to ensure that your company's culture doesn't get lost or replaced."


"I didn't realise it was (so) easy - or at least almost ready - to integrate BitCoin with Drupal.


"I now have a much better idea of how to use design patterns in PHP."


"Object abstraction is a tricky business."

And because Stella is our CEO (and to celebrate this new website), I'm allowing her a second pearl: "When selling Agile, sell the benefits first, the process later."

To wrap up - we all learned too much, we all met too many great people, we are all looking forward to the same again tomorrow. Thank you DrupalCon! Thank you Amsterdam.

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