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02 October 2014

#DrupalCon Amsterdam: Day 4

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Day 4 (blog 3, don't ask!) of DrupalCon Amsterdam, and Annertech have been at it again. For the third time this week, an Annertechie was on stage. This time Stella gave a presentation about our ground-breaking (our word) #d8in8 competition. Check it out in the video below; Stella is on from 36 mins. Following this, we continued our adventures in expanding our Drupal knowledge - yes, even we have more to learn. With so many great talks and BOFs on today, we can't talk about everything we attended, so here's each Annertechie's "take away of the day".


A great venue makes all the difference for DrupalCon Trivia Night.


It was great to talk to the Entity API and Field API maintainers in person and getting really in-depth answers to my questions. We discovered a small feature was missing from the D8 API that we can now work towards filling.


A console tool for building Drupal 8 modules is a pretty sweet idea.


Themer vs Coder: both are needed for successful websites.


Can't wait to start paper prototyping - quick interactions means layout and flow design ideas can be shared and testing with end-users and clients early on, reducing risk of wasted dev and design time later on.


Name your view modes and image styles the same as each other to keep consistency in your (semantic) site architecture.


Speaking on the main stage twice is not as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be.


Loved how useful the Drupal Module Upgrader module is for porting modules to Drupal 8.


Drupal 8 Plugin System seems just as extendable as it should be.

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