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22 September 2016

DrupalCon Dublin: Hear Me Roar

DrupalCon Dublin is just around the corner (since I live in Ireland, I mean that literally!). DRUPALCON: HEAR ME ROAR! (or at least speak, along with some other Annertechies). At DrupalCon we'll be speaking on a number of topics (interesting aside: we're the only Irish agency with any speakers at this year's DrupalCon). Here's a quick roundup of our talks and why you won't want to miss them:

1. Choosing Drupal - Insights from an Irish multinational

Speaker(s): Alan Burke and Aisling Furlong

Where: Liffey Meeting 2 | 10:45

Why come to this: You will learn what large organisations look for when selecting a CMS, how you can pitch Drupal as the CMS of choice, what competition Drupal has and how it fares against it. You do want insights from one of Ireland's largest multinationals don't you?

2. Bridging the PhoneGap: Getting Started Creating Hybrid Mobile Apps with Drupal and Ionic Framework

Speaker(s): Mark Conroy

Where: Wicklow Hall 2B | 14:15

Why come to this: Come get an overview of how to use Drupal as a decoupled system, how to use Ionic Framework (and AngularJS) to take the decoupled data to make a hybrid webapp that can run on iOS, Android, or the native web. Sorry Windows phone.

3. Building a co-lingual website - lessons learned from

Speaker(s): Alan Burke

Where: Liffey Meeting 3 | 12:00

Why come to this: Learn from our insights gained building, where we built a co-lingual rather than multi-lingual website. In a co-lingual website all languages present are given equal importance. We made sure this was true on the frontend and the backend.

4. Future Directions for Drupal Accessibility

Speaker(s): Andrew Macpherson

Where: Liffey Meeting 4 | 10:45

Why come to this: Andrew, Drupal core maintainer for accessibility, is one of Drupal's most recent core maintainers. In this core conversation he will discuss the present state of accessibility of Drupal, where it might be improved, and how we can do so. Andrew is the only core maintainer working for an Irish agency.

5. Happiness is... remote working.

Speaker(s): Anthony Lindsay

Where: Wicklow Meeting 1 | 10:45

Why come to this: Anthony, Annertech's lead support engineer, works from home (like the rest of us here at Annertech). Come listen to Anthony tell in his own inimitable style why remote working makes him happy.

That's our official speaking slots. Don't miss them, and don't forget to say hello to us at Booth 901.

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Mark Conroy Director of Development

When not promoting sustainable front-end practices at conferences across Europe, Mark leads our development team to create ambitious digital experiences for clients, so they, in turn, can have success with their clients.