Mark Conroy - Lead Frontend Developer

Glanbia Foodscapes Nutrition Website Launched

We spent a number of weeks recently training the Glanbia in-house developers on Drupal best practices, so that they would be self-sufficient in their choice to adopt Drupal as their preferred CMS. The first website their team built was the Glanbia Foodscapes Nutrition website, which showcases their products to their worldwide client base.

We also built Glanbia Ingredients Ireland's website, which the in-house team can refer to to reinforce their best practice approah to using Drupal.

Alan Burke - Annertech Senior Consultant

Drupal in a Day!

We're often asked by clients and potential clients if there are any courses which will give them a good hands-on view of Drupal, what it does, and how to do it. And now we can say, yes there is.

Aside from bespoke training which we do on a regular basis for clients, we've decided to provide a public training day which is open to anybody. The course presented is Acquia's "Drupal in a day", and participants will receive a full course manual.