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20 July 2015

We're ready for Drupal 8. Are you?

With only 5 critical issues marked as "needs work", Drupal 8 - the most brilliantly amazing responsive accessible version of Drupal to be released so far - is just around the corner (we're so excited, we forgot to put commas in that list of adjectives). Last week Acquia announced they now have Drupal 8 available on their platform for clients to start building their D8 sites on. This announcement is a very important one, and a signal that we must all get very serious about planning upgrades from Drupal 6 to either Drupal 7 or 8 sooner rather than later.

What's going to be so great about Drupal 8?

  • Mobile First: Drupal 8 is built with a mobile first approach for both backend and frontend, meaning mobile content editors and mobile content consumers are both equally provided for.
  • Easier Authoring: Drupal 7 made huge gains on Drupal 6 for content editing. Drupal 8 takes this to a new level.
  • Accessibility: Drupal 7 is quite accessible and can be perfectly accessible with a little work. Drupal 8 takes accessibiilty as a core value.
  • Enterprise Ready: Drupal 8 is designed with enterprise in mind, though it can also be used for smaller websites, there will be no question about its ability to handle large scale projects.
  • Multilingual: Massive changes to how multilingual requirements are met, which is hugely important for Irish-based (government) websites which usually need to be available in Irish and English.
  • Performance: Huge caching improvements to ensure that your web page is served to your users as quickly as possible.
  • RESTful: Ability for content to be Created Once, Published Everywhere (COPE) is much greater in D8, allowing you to publish your content in multiple formats on multiple platforms and apps.

We're ready for Drupal 8. Are you? If not, let us help you.

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