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From tourism, to business, to the council - everything you need to know about Limerick. is the official guide to Limerick, Ireland - an all inclusive on-line voice for Limerick with comprehensive information on visiting, doing business and living in the capital of the Mid-West.

Annertech developed the lastest version of the website - launched 25th April 2017.


The previous iteration of was built on Drupal 7 (hosted and maintained/supported, though not originally built, by Annertech). It suffered some serious issues in terms of how long it took pages to load, a poor editor experience when adding new content, and an inflexibility for editors to choose design layouts on a per page basis. - living in limerick - mobile view

Alongside continuous consultation with Limerick City and County Council, we set about architecting a solution that would make the content editors' workload as small as possible.

To this end, we used what we called a "Structured Content Approach". To achieve this, we created "Structured Content Wrappers" to hold macro information such as background style and width, and then "Structured Content Items to hold the data for each design component such as a carousel, slider, call to action, etc. Now, with a simple drag-and-drop editors can create the layout they want, the ordering of items on the page, how much space they want each item to take up, and the style of background they want to apply.

There is a huge amount of media on the website - images, video, social media posts, etc. Thanks to the great work of the Drupal 8 Media team, we build a media library to allow for every media item on the site to be re-used in other places (and blogged about it at the time).

Once the basic architecture was in place, we migrated all the content from the Drupal 7 site to this new Drupal 8 one. We then finalised any site building items while the frontend developers got to work.


We're delighted with our work on this product. The site is hosted on's servers and serves pages at great speed, especially given the amount of media on each page, and the fact that it is the largest Drupal 8 website live in Ireland at the moment.

The new site is fully responsive, makes the editors' lives easier, and people are "amazed how easy it is to get around the new site", according to Mayor O'Hanlon at the launch. - Discover Limerick - mobile and tablet
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I have worked with Annertech for over two years. In that time I have found Annertech to be an organisation that is dedicated to technical and customer excellence. The discipline that Annertech continuously demonstrates is evident in every interaction that I have had with them. Questions are answered with an insight that reveals their deep whole stack knowledge of PHP, Drupal, MySQL and related technologies. Their work demonstrates a mature and effective software engineering process that always delivers outstanding results for us. Employees are driven by a genuine desire to understand the problem at hand and to identify and execute the best solution for both the current context and for future issues that might arise. This commitment to engineering and customer excellence is a refreshing experience and is the main reason why I can fully recommend Annertech.

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