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Limerick City Council is constantly evolving and meeting the challenges of a new Ireland on a world stage. It endeavours to efficiently maintain a constant, creative, socially beneficial range of democratic local government initiatives through a close partnership process with community and authority staff for the development of an inclusive society.

Annertech are proud to work as consultants to Limerick City and County Council on the website and other projects, sharing our knowledge of Drupal, server administration, and version control systems such as git.

Background - the main portal for events in Limerick - was originally built by another development agency. After this initial-build stage was complete and the project launched in a beta manner, Annertech was brought on board for some fine-tuning and to move the website from the server it was on to our specialised, Drupal hosting platform. Hosting and Support: Making big websites run faster
Approach had been taking too long to load pages. To ensure that pages could be loaded much quicker we installed Varnish Cache on the server. This gave a huge boost with pages that had been taking about 10 seconds to load, now loading in about 3.5 seconds. With this win under our belt we next began looking at some of the configuration setup and set about disabling some modules whose functions could be better served with custom code. After that we looked at some of the custom code to see what we could streamline, all leading to more security and better site performance.

We moved the website from the server it had been on to our hosting platform which is specially designed to host Drupal websites, with enhanced caching and security features built in.

We continue to work with the great people in Limerick City and County Council offering advice and support about Drupal and also a lot about modern best practices, such as how to use git/version control, pre-processors, and putting website configuration in code.

Results is now faster, more secure, and can handle more page requests than previously. The code for the website is version controlled, and the platform powering it is enterprise-level - future proof? You bet! Hosting and Support: Making big websites run faster