Data & Analytics

Data analysis and reporting are crucial to assessing the success of your marketing activity in helping you achieve your business goals.

Data enables you to understand how your marketing campaigns are performing and make informed decisions - if used correctly.

However, in this digital age, we often have access to an overwhelming volume of rich data and detailed metrics. It can be difficult to understand what is useful and relevant, and to make sense of it all. This is where Annertech can help.

We can help you to define a data analytics strategy, identifying the key metrics you should monitor to effectively track your progress towards your business goals. We put in place analytics solutions and data dashboards so you can track and report on those key metrics.

Bring your data to the next level with a Customer Data Platform

How much do you know about your customers, their preferences and needs? With a Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can eliminate  data silos and unify customer data, therefore increasing profitability by driving customer value, retention and revenue.

At a high level, a CDP:

  • Unifies customer data from multiple systems
  • Becomes the bedrock of your personalisation strategy and efforts
  • Matches multiple data points about a customer, giving you a 360° view
  • Gives marketing professionals insights, enabling them to make better decisions
  • Is integral component of your DXP, allowing you to create a better customer experience
  • Builds real-time behavioural segments and analyses your audience 
  • Gives transparency in your marketing efforts, you can see exactly what marketing campaigns are working
  • Ensures no reliance on your IT department, a CDP is an intuitive platform for marketing and campaign execution

In conjunction with our partners Acquia, we help companies to unlock customer data to gain insight and discover their true intent. By using their open source CDP, clients can now get a single source of the truth for customer data that ensures that customers receive personalised digital experiences.

Need help understanding your data?

Our digital experts can help you make sense of it all.