Search Engine Optimisation

Technical SEO and Content Writing Services

We have two offerings to transform your digital marketing: Technical SEO and Content Writing

Technical SEO

Everyone knows that search engines play a big part in your digital marketing strategy. But not everyone knows the secrets to ensuring the search engines can find your content and understand what it is about.

Many people will think that search engine optimisation starts and ends with keywords on your page. But where do these keywords go? How do they look to a search engine crawler? How can a crawler find your page and create an index of its content? Can you tell? Can you automate any of this?

Other questions people ask include:

  • How can I get to position zero on Google?
  • How can I get a rich snippet in my search results?
  • How can I get my products into one of Google’s nice product listings?

Annertech’s Technical SEO service will ensure that your website is optimised to take away as much of the pain of SEO as possible, whilst giving you the tools to compete with the best of your competitors for the top spots.

Benefits to you of Technical SEO

  1. Increase your potential reach
  2. Increase your potential search engine ranking
  3. Increase your findability through search engines
  4. Ability to have rich snippets in search results
  5. Ability to have position-zero search results
  6. Improved display and layout across social channels
  7. Identify technical content weaknesses
  8. Reduce editor effort overhead 

Our technical SEO service looks at 

  • Meta tags
  • Data definitions
  • Sitemaps
  • Performance
  • Tools
  • Reports

It also ensures each aspect is set up so that - even if you customise nothing afterwards - the default values make sense for your content and are easily understandable by search engines.

Let us turbo-charge your site to allow you to concentrate on delivering great content to your customers.

    Content Services

    Good content is at the heart of search engine optimization. Writing useful content for real people is the main guideline offered by Google. However, it is possible to help the Googlebot along by making it easier for it to understand what your content is about.

    With well placed meta tags and well chosen keyword search phrases, you can ensure that your content can be found by the people who want it.

    The value of choosing quality keyword search phrases for your content cannot be underestimated. Keyword research, competitor analysis and careful choice of low contention SEO keywords are vital to ensuring that your SEO strategy delivers for your business.

    A successful keyword choice is one which matches the intent of your target audience with the content on your web page and ultimately the call to action available to it.

    Benefits of Specialist Content Services

    • Increase Search Visibility
      Better content than your competitors for your target market will rank you higher than them. Take that advantage when you can

    • Target Specific Audiences
      Your content will be targeted to the specific audiences that you want to convert. It's not how many hits your website gets that counts, it's how many conversions you make. Don't waste time trying to get lots of hits

    • Rank Higher for Specific Keywords that Match your USP
      You business is probably not in a unique industry all on its own. But you do have a unique selling point, something that makes you stand out from the others. Make sure you are at the top of search engine results pages for this USP

    • Increase Productivity
      You get to focus on your business while we write and otherwise take care of your content

    • Increase Earnings and other Metrics
      With greater search visibility comes greater traffic numbers, and this leads to a lot more opportunity for conversions

    • Get an “Objective Outsider’s View”
      We write your content using the language that your potential clients will use when searching for you, free of the in-house jargon that they won't know to look for. This is how you need to present your content to those who haven't found it just yet

    • Reliability
      Our team have combined decades of web content writing experience. Let us share that with you

    • Reduce Costs

      • By lessening the need for in-house specialists, you will reduce your total cost of content ownership
      • Unlike almost every SEO agency, we do not operate on a subscription model. We charge for the individual service we offer you. You can purchase as much or as little as you want

    What we can do for you

    We have three levels to how this service works.

    1. You provide the content

      1. You provide the content you want on your website - via Word doc, pdf, etc
      2. We proof-read it and make suggestions to increase it's SEO-worthiness (such as suggested keywords to target)
      3. We edit your content for you and add it to your website
    2. You provide an outline

      1. You tell us what you want to talk about and give us some bullet points about the topic and the message you want to get out
      2. We research the keywords and phrases that will help this and write the content based on this analysis
      3. We send it to you for proof-reading, and when you are happy with it, we publish it to your website
    3. You provide the topic

      1. You give us a topic that you want to promote, but perhaps don't have the time or in-house skills to write about
      2. We research that topic for you and write your content
      3. We send it to you for proof-reading, and when you are happy with it, we publish it to your website

    Want higher search engine rankings?

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