Anthony Lindsay support manager and axe wielder

On the Joys of the Single Wringable Neck

Let's just imagine that you've a website. And your website is fancy enough to integrate with another system - say your shiny new CRM system or ecommerce store. Let's say you've organised hosting for your website. All is well, everything works.

Well, works for a while ... but then, disaster strikes! You notice that your ecommerce transactions are not making it into your CRM. Who do you call? Is it the web developers? The CRM vendors? The hosting provider? Your telecoms provider?

Anthony Lindsay support manager and axe wielder

Decoupling Features (so your support team sleeps easier at night)

You're working on a client's existing site, and they ask for some new functionality. Your first thoughts are: "Yay, some work!" Quickly following that you think: "What do they want? How am I going to build it?" The often unasked question, however, is "How can I integrate this new functionality with what they already have, without making maintenance a nightmare, or even worse, impacting existing functionality?"

This is a tough ask, as the new feature has the potential to reach across multiple pages, content types and styles.