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17 January 2023

Annertech is appointed to Crown Commercial Service frameworks

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Annertech is delighted to have been appointed by the UK’s Crown Commercial Service as a supplier on two of its digital marketplace frameworks: G-Cloud 13 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6.

It’s an exciting development for Annertech, as we only recently celebrated the official opening of Annertech UK towards the end of last year.

The new branch of Annertech was started to support the growing number of clients and staff members based in the UK.

In the UK, if you want to do business with the public sector, you need to apply to sell your services on “frameworks” – which essentially are an agreement between suppliers and government. All suppliers agree to the same terms when they apply.

Annertech has been listed on two frameworks:

  1. The G-Cloud 13 framework focuses on cloud hosting and services. The Crown Commercial Service describes it as “an online catalogue where public sector customers can buy cloud-based computing services such as hosting, software and cloud support. Includes many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions.”
  2. The Digital Outcomes & Specialists 6 framework was developed to give the UK public sector access to specialists who deliver agile software development, so that the sector can build and deliver digital outcomes.
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“We are delighted to have been included on both these frameworks and we are looking forward to provide our best-in-class solutions services to the UK public sector,” said Managing Director Stella Power.

Annertech has become known for solving complex problems and has substantial experience with public sector organisations, both in Ireland – where we have developed websites for major government organisations – and in the UK, where team members have been involved with the LocalGov Drupal project, developing council websites.

“Annertech has seen significant growth in in both Ireland and the UK in the past couple of years,” said Stella.

“We are looking forward to growing our customer base in the UK, and showing the UK market what we have to offer.”

We have exciting plans for the UK market

Would you like to learn more about the work we're doing in the UK? Why not get in touch!

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