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02 May 2024

Annertech renews its Platinum sponsorship for DrupalCon

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For the fourth year running Annertech commits to a major sponsorship of DrupalCon Europe, and we’re sponsoring the all-important contribution room again.

It’s just been confirmed! Annertech has renewed its Platinum Sponsor status for DrupalCon Europe.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Annertech has committed to this sponsorship. And once again we will also be sponsoring the contribution room.

DrupalCon is a popular gathering for all things Drupal (the open source CMS that Annertech uses for most of its projects). The conference is where anyone who is interested or invested in Drupal can hear about the latest developments, network and attend various social events, listen to presentations, take part in workshops, or contribute to Drupal.

Two DrupalCons take place this year – one in the United States (which takes place in Portland in May) and one in Europe. This year’s European event will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from 24 to 27 September at the Barcelona International Convention Centre or, as it's known locally, the CCIB (which comes from its Spanish title).

“DrupalCon is such an important event on the Drupal calendar and we are so excited to be Platinum Sponsors again,” said Stella Power, Annertech’s Managing Director. 

“It is important for us to support Drupal as much as we can – by sponsoring and contributing wherever possible.”

The contribution room

The contribution room at DrupalCon Lille is filled with people who are chatting and working on their laptops.

The contribution room is an integral part of DrupalCon. It gives people a place to brainstorm, mentor others and contribute to Drupal. Picture: Bram Driesen/DrupalCon Lille 2023

Annertech will also be sponsoring the contribution room again this year. This is a hub where people can get together to work on Drupal, brainstorm any issues, or learn how to contribute.

“Contribution is always an essential part of an open source project, and it’s something that we encourage at Annertech,” said Stella.

“The contribution room is always a great place to start, because there are lots of experienced contributors around to help and show others the ropes – and also to brainstorm any tricky issues people are experiencing. By sponsoring the contribution room we are hoping to make it easier for others to start contributing to the Drupal project,” she added.

Other ways we’re contributing

Trivia Night at Drupalcon Lille was packed to the rafters.

Trivia Night is always a highlight of the DrupalCon social calendar. Last year's Trivia Night in Lille was packed – more tables had to be added. 

Once again Stella is on the DrupalCon advisory committee, and Juanluis Lozano is wearing the cap of a track chair member, which means he helps to decide which sessions will be on the agenda.

“I want to give back to the community and helping to organise DrupalCon is one of the ways in which I can contribute,“ said Juanluis. “I have been a track chair member for at least four DrupalCons now – and I love it.“

Annertechies have submitted a few sessions and are waiting to hear whether any of these will make it on to the Barcelona programme. 

And of course, we will once again be involved with the always-popular Trivia Night, so make sure to mark that in your calendar.

“The year is flying by. I can’t believe we’re already organising the next DrupalCon. We can’t wait to reconnect with our fellow Drupallers, and catch up with our colleagues in person,” said Stella. 

Are you coming to DrupalCon Barcelona?

Registration opens on 13 May 2024. Check out ticket prices and get yours here.

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