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06 September 2016

DrupalCon Dublin: We'll be at Booth 901 (and here's why it's in your interests to meet with us)

Annertech DrupalCon Dublin Sponsors BadgeAs Ireland's leading Drupal devlopment agency, we were thrilled that DrupalCon was coming to Dublin. So much so, we were the first Irish agency to add our name to the sponsorhip list (not to mention being the only Irish agency with people giving presenations at it). For the week of DrupalCon we'll be manning Booth 901. We think you'll be glad you talked to us, here's why.

You have a project idea

You want to develop a website or other web application - cms, ecommerce store, crm, etc - and want to make sure that it is built by the best team possible in the shortest amount of time. Even though the project might be complex and the deadline short, you want to make sure you will be dealing with a team that is reliable and comes up with solutions, not problems.

You want someone to support your current website

You have a website. For whatever reason - you have no support contract at present, your current support agency is not up to scratch - you want to move support for this to a new agency. Supporting websites built by other agencies and developers is one of our strong points. We are constantly contracted to take over work started/completed by others. This usually involves moving your website to our first-in-class hosting platform, performance tuning it, making it more secure, and adding new features over time to get the website into the shape you envisioned for it.

You are a very reliable agency and need to partner with another very reliable agency

We have some fantastic partnerships with other agencies where we divide the work according to our strengths and availability. Need some developers to help out on the front-end? We can probably help you. Don't have experience integrating with SugarCRM or other third party system? We can certainly help you. Finished building a website and don't want to be the future maintainer? See our answer above!

You are a great Drupal developer

Like all good agencies, we are always open to discussions with people who are capable and have great ideas. Tell us what yours is; who knows, it might align with ours. Be careful though, we don't hire interns or junior developers: we expect people to be at least mid-level before coming on board with us.

We didn't mention all the things above that might make us sound arrogant, such as contributing more code to Drupal than all other Irish agencies combined, being Ireland's largest Drupal agency, having the only Irish-based member on the Drupal security team ... and lots more. If you want to hear those juicy details, well, that's just one more reason to come talk to us at Booth 901.

P. S. We'll have cake. You want cake don't you?

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Mark Conroy Director of Development

When not promoting sustainable front-end practices at conferences across Europe, Mark leads our development team to create ambitious digital experiences for clients, so they, in turn, can have success with their clients.