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30 November 2023

Introducing our security special offer: A 40% discount for LocalGov Drupal subscribers

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Annertech is offering LocalGov Drupal subscribers a huge discount on our comprehensive vulnerabilty management service. 

These days, most people can agree that security is important, and at Annertech, we take security seriously.

Security is baked into the very core of the LocalGov Drupal (LGD) initiative, as well as Drupal core itself. 

With Drupal's published and frequent security release cadence, and dedicated security team as a baseline, the LocalGov Drupal project has built a secure and reliable platform with which to build web properties for local government.  

On their website, the Open Digital Cooperative, the folks behind LGD, have even published a penetration test report of a basic installation of LGD, along with an analysis of its findings.

However, security is not just something you do once, but rather it is something you practice continually. 

Annertech's vulnerability management service exists to aid website owners in that security journey. Our experienced team is ready to ensure that your website is secure and sensitive information is protected. 

Our service includes:

  • Regular vulnerability scans of your website to detect, track and analyse potential vulnerabilities
  • Detailed reports which include both a technical narrative and remediation steps for all findings
  • Advice and recommendations from one of our security specialists. We’ll talk through the report with you, explain how these issues have arisen, and how they are best dealt with.

Security needs to be maintained to keep unwanted intruders out. So we are delighted to be able to offer a special 40% discount on vulnerability management to all council subscribers of the Open Digital Cooperative.

Get in touch below to find out more.

Get 40% off website security scanning

Annertech are offering Open Digital Collective council subscribers a 40% discount on their comprehensive vulnerability management service for websites