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01 July 2016

One week to get your sessions in for DrupalCon Dublin!

With three months left to go before DrupalCon Dublin, event planning is in full swing. Like all Irish Drupal events, Annertech are actively involved in preparations for DrupalCon. Our managing director, Stella Power, has taken on the role of local team lead as well as Business Track chair, and I myself am the Project Management track chair. There's less than a week now to get your sessions submitted for DrupalCon, so it's time to get writing!

Business Track

This year the business track is focusing on how agencies can grow their business and how to do so sustainably. We're looking for speakers who are willing to share their experiences and insights into growing their businesses, what worked, what didn't, and why.

Suggested topics include:

Marketing Drupal

Competition in the marketplace is growing, both from a growing number of agencies offering similar services, but also from alternative solutions being offered. We are looking for sessions on how you generate new leads for your business, and how you market and postiion Drupal and your agency as being the best solution available.

Going for Growth

Growing your business is all very well, but how do you manage this growth and ensure you have the necessary structures in place to ensure this growth is sustainable. We are seeking strategies which offer sustainable approaches to growth for the small and large Drupal agency alike.

Business Innovation and Diversification

Perhaps the solution to sustainable business growth is to innovate and diversify your service offering. Maybe you need to consider extending into additional or alternative markets or verticals. But when is the time right to do this? And what are your strategies to approaching this?

Drupal 8

With the release of Drupal 8, there are a number challenges, but also opportunities for agencies working with Drupal. What has been the impact of Drupal 8 on your business, on demand for your services, on your sales or marketing processes and on your team? How has it affected the estimation and delivery of your projects? How do you convince clients to upgrade to Drupal 8?


These are just some of the ideas we have for the Business Track this year. We want to hear from you, about your experiences and insights into the above topic areas. Got an idea for another session? Great, then let us know and submit it!

Project Management Track

Whatever the size of the project, no matter how many people are working on it, it will need to be managed. Some have dedicated project managers, others share the task within the team, whatever way you spin it it's got to be done, so why not make sure we can learn how to do it in the most appropriate way.

The focus is about sharing your experiences, good or bad, as long as you learned something which is relevant to others, you're welcome to submit a session, here are some topics which we're actively looking for:

  • Tips and Tricks: How did you improve your processes or learn how not to do something?
  • Becoming agile: How did you become more agile?
  • Getting the numbers right: Estimations, budgeting and reporting. How do you keep on top of things?
  • Freelance Project Management: Are you, or have you ever been, a freelance Project Manager? Tell us your story.
  • Managing an Open Source Project: Ever been involved in managing an open source project? How did you get by? Would you do it again?

As always, if you're unsure whether your session proposal is appropriate, reach out to myself or Stella and we will help you where we can.

Countdown to session submission closing starts now, are you ready?

Mike King Director of Projects

Mike is Annertech's lead project manager. Joining Annertech in 2013, he brings over 20 years' experience in technical project management.