10 Great reasons why you should attend your local Drupal meet-up

Drupal has a vibrant community supporting it. A lot of people around the world are involved in its development, way more than in a purely technical sense. How do they do it? Drupal Groups.

Drupal Groups: Where Drupal community members organise, plan and work on projects.

At groups.drupal.org you can find groups based on geography, or join online groups allocated to planning upcoming events, and working groups designated to a particular aspect of drupal and drupal distributions.

Drupal Open Days Ireland 2014 - A Review

This year, in an effort to encourage as wide an audience as possible, the Drupal Association of Ireland rebranded Drupal Camp Dublin as Drupal Open Days Ireland. We wanted to give a sense that it was a multi-day event, an event for the whole of Ireland, and that, true to the open source philosophy, it was open to all. Judging by the number of people and energy present, we think this was a good move.