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25 August 2022

Business and pleasure: A guide to DrupalCon and Prague

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DrupalCon Europe takes place in the beautiful city of Prague next month. Make the most of your trip by getting out and about while you’re there.

When it was announced that the 2022 DrupalCon Europe would be held in Prague, there was a buzz about Drupalville.

This beautiful city is steeped in history and incredible sights, and there are quite a few festivals and events around the time of DrupalCon, so if you’re clever with your time you can really make the most of your visit to the Czech Republic.

There are two major events on the weekends bookending DrupalCon, and there’s tons to do in the capital city, so bring your walking or running gear, and get ready to head out once you’re done for the day at the conference.

About DrupalCon

The annual European leg of DrupalCon takes place from 20-23 September 2022. The much-anticipated event gives anyone interested in Drupal the chance to get together and exchange notes and learn from each other.

Annertechies will be out and about too, not only are we a Platinum sponsor again this year, but we will have a booth – come say hi – and will also be presenting a few sessions.

DrupalCon Prague 2022, 20-23 September, Push the Boundaries for the Future of Digital

Outside of DrupalCon

There is so much to experience in Prague, from the local food and drink, to the popular tourist sites, to some really interesting events that are happening at the same time as DrupalCon. It is going to take some planning but it is possible to pack a lot into this trip.

Food and drink

Prague is known for its delicious food and local breweries – Czech lagers such as Budvar and Staropramen are popular and there are many craft beers available too – but did you know that it has a popular wine industry too?

Pretzels and beer

If you’re hanging around a bit after DrupalCon, the St Wenceslas Wine Festival takes place at the St Wenceslas Vineyard at Villa Richter near Prague Castle on 24 September 2022.

It will give wine lovers the opportunity to taste the wines of 15-20 leading Czech and Moravian wineries, as well as traditional burčák – new half-fermented wine, in the authentic setting of the oldest Czech vineyard with breathtaking views!

At the end of September, the patron saint of the people, St Wenceslas, is celebrated throughout the Czech Republic.

The Autumn Market takes place between 14 and 28 September 2022 in St Wenceslas Square (pictured below) and Republic Square. Here you can enjoy good food and drink; and the traditional delicacy of the Medieval kings, the snails.

Prague has some stunning architecture.

If you’re wanting to taste traditional Czech food, here are some recommendations by local bloggers, The Honest Guides. Their guides to Prague have had us hooked. This one gives recommendations on where to get traditional Czech food in Prague.

Stunning sights

Prague has some incredible old buildings.

Prague's old buildings

With the Prague Visitor Pass, you can really explore the city. It gives you an unlimited transport ticket – including to and from the airport – and also serves as a one-time entrance ticket to experiences in the city.

This also includes the popular sightseeing tram, which is a hop-on hop-off service that takes you to all the top city centre attractions. There are so many stunning places on this list, from museums to castles to gardens and the zoo. Here is the full list of places this pass can get you in for free. 

Some of the famous sites to see and other things that are worth checking out in Prague are:

Prague's famous clock.
  • Prague Castle (Prague Castle is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest castle complex in the world) and St Vitus Cathedral (if you’re around at midday check out the changing of the guard)
  • The Old Town Square (and the unmissable huge statue of Sigmund Freud)
  • Astronomical clock (pictured)
  • Charles Bridge
  • Statue of the Infant Jesus
  • The Jewish quarter
  • The KGB and Communism museums
  • The mind maze for an interesting challenge
  • Puppets. If you can, catch a show at the National Marionette Theatre or Theatre Spejbla & Hurvinek, the Prague Puppets are quite quirky.

Green spaces

There are many places to go to relax and breathe in Prague. The Petrin Lookout Tower In Prague is situated in a lovely park, which used to be home to a giant statue of Stalin until it was destroyed in the 60s. Once used as a moat along the backside of Prague castle, the strip of land known as Jelení Príkop (Stag Moat) is a beautiful stretch of greenery.

The trees and river in Prague

Bila Hora 1620: Battle Re-enactment

History and war buffs will probably like to book in a little earlier, to attend the annual "reconstruction" of the Battle of White Mountain 1620. This historical reenactment takes place on 17 and 18 September 2022

A reanactment of the Battle of White Mountain.

The Battle of White Mountain was one of the first battles of the Thirty Years’ War, which was one of the longest and most brutal wars in human history, with more than 8 million casualties.

Bílá Hora, as it is known in Czech, took place on 8 November 1620, between the troops of the Czech Estates and the combined armies of the Catholic League and the Imperial army. It became a turning point for the Czech lands. Many people had to flee across the border and 27 Czech noblemen were executed.

The Czech state entered the foreign new Austrian monarchy and remained its member for 298 years.

A word of advice

Even though it’s part of the EU the Czech Republic doesn’t use the euro, and you will need Czech korunas (Kč).

Just be sure that you’re exchanging money at a legitimate establishment. There have been reports of money scammers who target tourists with fake or outdated money.

Get packing

The weather in Prague in September is supposed to be lovely – warm with long days – so pack accordingly, remember the walking or running shoes, and we’ll see you either at the Annertech booth or out and about in Prague.

Don’t forget to use the #drupalcz hashtag on Twitter if you have any questions for the Czech Drupal community.

Trying to fit it all in?

Get the most out of DrupalCon by highlighting the sessions you’d like to attend and making a note of them in your calendar. Then plan your sightseeing around that.

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