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31 August 2022

The Czech phrases you need to know ahead of DrupalCon

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Going to DrupalCon Prague next month? Learn these Czech phrases and you’ll be ready for anything.

This year’s DrupalCon Europe takes place in the beautiful city of Prague. There is so much to see and do when not taking in the sessions at the conference – from trying out local food and drink, to checking out the sights and attending one of the popular events that are happening in Prague around the time of DrupalCon.

Although a good number of the capital’s 1.3 million residents speak English – especially in tourist spots – it never hurts to be able to speak to people in their native tongue. You never know when some of these phrases will come in handy, especially if you’re taking the opportunity to visit a little more of the Czech Republic.

The Czech you need to know

Here are (just about) all the phrases you need to ensure you have a great time without speaking any English:


  • Dobrý denHello
  • NashledanouBye
  • Ahoj / čau / nazdarHi. But it can be also used when going away instead of the more polite nashledanou
  • ProsímPlease


  • Jak se dostanu k O2/nádraží/letišti How do I get to O2/railway station/airport
  • Do levaTo the left
  • Do pravaTo the right
  • MetroMetro
  • TramvajTram
  • AutobusBus
  • AutoCar
  • TaxiTaxi

At a bar or restaurant:

  • Vodu, prosímWater, please
  • Perlivou/Jemně perlivou/Neperlivoucarbonated/lightly carbonated/still
  • ČajTea
  • KávaCoffee
  • Jedno pivoOne beer (0.5 litre)
  • Jedno malé (pivo)Small beer (0.3 litre)
  • Jedno řezanéA beer mixture from a tap – half dark beer, half light beer (not always available)
  • SlivoviceSlivovitz, plum brandy, 40% alcohol content – or more 
  • Na zdravíCheers
  • Pivo pro všechnyBeer for everyone – a bit dangerous...
  • PlatímI would like to pay
  • Platím za všechnyI would like to pay for everyone – be cautious when using this
  • Jídelní lístek, prosímMenu please
  • Kolik to stojí?How much does it cost?

Things you may need while in a pub or restaurant:

  • SkleniceGlass
  • PříborCutlery
  • NůžKnife
  • LžíceSpoon
  • VidličkaFork
  • TalířPlate
  • SůlSalt
  • PepřPepper

Popular dishes:

  • Svíčková omáčka – A famous Czech dish that loosely translates to “candle sauce” – but don’t let it put you off. It's just a really bad translation.
  • ŘízekSchnitzel
  • Vepřo, knedlo, zeloPork, dumplings, sour cabbage (sauerkraut)

For places to eat traditional and cheap Czech food in Prague, check out this episode of the Honest Guide – we've been devouring their videos since we heard that DrupalCon was taking place in the Czech Republic.

After each video, the Honest Guides feature a Czech word or phrase. It's a great way to extend your Czech vocabulary before visiting.

Other points of interest

If you’re in the Czech Republic and are at a loose end or need help with anything, use the #drupalcz hashtag on Twitter. The Czech Drupal community may be able to help.

You pay with Czech Koruna (roughly 1€ = 24.6CZK). But you can pay by card at many merchants and for public transport.

To all those who are making their way to Prague in September, happy travels. When you get there, please make a point of popping in to the Annertech booth and saying hi. We love meeting new Drupallers and seeing our old friends again.

Get the most out of DrupalCon

For schedules and news on the conference, check out the main conference site.

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