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13 February 2024

Join the Annertech team at Digital Government 2024

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This annual event is a gathering of people interested in digital public services and we are excited to be able to chat about open-source solutions such as LocalGov Drupal and its Microsites Project.

We’re thrilled to be attending the Digital Government Conference 2024 and can’t wait to immerse ourselves into all things digital within the public services sector. 

The conference, which takes place on 21 February at Croke Park in Dublin, promises to be an interesting event, focusing on the move towards digital public services. This is an area that we’re fully committed to, which is why we have invested many resources into both LocalGov Drupal and its Microsites Project

Launched in May 2023, the Irish government’s “Better Public Services, the Public Service Transformation 2030 Strategy" aims to deliver “inclusive, high quality and integrated public service provision that meets the needs, and improves the lives, of the people of Ireland”. 

The Build to Share initiative forms part of this strategy. Its goal is for the public sector to share code in order to save valuable resources like time and money.

This aligns well with the thinking behind the LocalGov Drupal project – a CMS built by councils for councils. It’s based on the open-source CMS Drupal, which is at the heart of many of Annertech’s projects.

LocalGov Drupal 

Originally started in the UK, LocalGov Drupal’s expansion into Ireland was spearheaded by Annertech a few years ago, in particular by our Director of Development Mark Conroy, who serves on LocalGov Drupal’s Open Digital Cooperative board and has been responsible for writing most of the CMS’s frontend code. 

“Because LocalGov Drupal is created by a team of developers and council stakeholders, it has a proven track record of delivering what both councils and the public want from a council website, backed by years of research and experience,” said Mark. 

“We love that Irish councils are embracing LocalGov Drupal, and are using it to create websites that bolster their service delivery efforts as well as save them a lot of time and money – resources that they can choose to develop new features or plough into other areas.” 

The first Irish council to launch a LocalGov Drupal website in Ireland was Tipperary County Council.

Carlow County Council's responsive website

Did you know...?

Carlow County Council was the second council in Ireland to move to LocalGov Drupal. Have a look at Ireland's latest addition to the LocalGov Drupal family of websites.


Mark will be at the Annertech stand during the Digital Government Conference. Feel free to ask him any questions that you may have around not only LocalGov Drupal but some of its additional projects such as the LocalGov Drupal Microsites Project

Multiple microsites, One platform

This platform gives you one place from which to manage as many microsites as you’d like. It’s a project developed by LocalGov Drupal due to popular demand from councils, but it is a standalone project, completely independent of LocalGov Drupal. 

It can be used by any organisation (council, university, corporation, etc) that needs to manage a fleet of sites.

“Both of these projects have so much to offer the Irish sector, and we’re excited to be attending the Digital Government Conference to chat to people who might have heard about them but don’t know enough about them to make an informed decision,” said Managing Director Stella Power.

“This conference allows us to gain insight into the government’s objectives for digital transformation. It also allows us to reconnect and network with people who are also interested in digital transformation, and listen to their needs and concerns so that we can develop solutions to these obstacles. Ultimately, we can help create a better-connected Ireland and build strong digital foundations for the public sector.” 

If you’d like to learn more about LocalGov Drupal or the Microsites Project feel free to visit our stand in the exhibition zone at the conference. We’re looking forward to meeting you and chatting about how we can help you create great digital experiences for your users. 

Not going to Digital Government 2024?

You’re welcome to contact us with any questions around building to share or how to improve your users’ experience. 

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