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18 June 2024

LGD’s rapid take-up cements Drupal’s position as a leading CMS for councils

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The rise in popularity of the LocalGov Drupal CMS among local authorities has shaken up the public sector digital sphere. Managing Director Stella Power examines this shift in the latest edition of Eolas magazine.

When Drupal was named as the most popular content management system (CMS) among councils in the UK and Ireland we weren’t really surprised. We’d been tracking the trajectory of the LocalGov Drupal CMS, which we’ve been helping develop since its early stages, for a while now. 

This CMS, which is built for councils by councils, is underpinned by the innovation, security, flexibility, and economy of the Drupal CMS. 

It had been rising in popularity over the past few years. And then a few months ago it became official: the LocalGov CMS Directory, which lists the content management systems that councils currently use, showed that Drupal had surpassed Jadu as the most popular CMS for councils in the UK and Ireland. 

LocalGov Drupal's popularity with councils is depicted by images of a council building, a cog, a heart and a yellow Drupal drop.

LocalGov Drupal is built on Drupal, but has been customised to serve councils and their users. It is a tried and tested CMS that is based on user research and councils’ needs. The LocalGov Drupal philosophy of ‘build to share’ resonates with public sector organisations, who save time and money by pooling their resources.

Although LocalGov Drupal started in the UK, it has had a sustained uptake in Ireland, starting with Tipperary County Council. Since then Carlow County Council, Laois County Council, and Galway City Council have also joined the LocalGov Drupal family.


As this CMS continues to thrive and grow, so too does the depth of its offering. New features, based on the real-world needs of councils, are being created all the time

We at Annertech are committed to making the web as inclusive and accessible as possible, and to helping councils better serve their constituents by creating websites that are designed with all users in mind. 

It’s a really exciting time for the public sector as it embraces new solutions to the challenges facing the people it serves. And we’re looking forward to launching two more LocalGov Drupal websites soon.

Want to know more about why LocalGov Drupal is so popular with councils?

Stella's article in Eolas Magazine takes a closer look at why so many councils are switching to this CMS.

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