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08 November 2023

Microsites? Daunting? Find out all you need to know about a platform that simplifies it all

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If you’ve always wanted to host a number of microsites but have found it intimidating, then Mark Conroy will show you a new platform that will change your life.

Can running a fleet of microsites really be this easy? It’s a topic that has been years in the making, and Mark Conroy, who is Annertech’s Director of Development and one of the lead developers on the project, is thrilled to be able to finally show off this easy-to-use, game-changing platform that simplifies the once-arduous task of running many microsites simultaneously: The LGD Microsites Platform.

What is LGD? 

LocalGov Drupal – or LGD, as it’s become known – is a groundbreaking CMS for councils. As its name indicates, LocalGov Drupal runs on the Drupal platform, offering an out-the-box website solution for local government websites (although anyone can use it). 

It was developed by councils whose goal was to reduce costs by pooling their resources, sharing the code and creating the features they need. Currently, 42 councils are running their websites on LGD.

What is the LGD Microsites Platform 

As more councils signed up to the LGD platform more features were added to it. These included essential features as well as nice-to-haves. One of these – the most requested feature – was a platform to be able to manage microsites. 

LocalGov Drupal received funding to build the LGD Microsite Platform, and it was released late last year. The platform was built in a very generic manner, so it can be used by any organisation that needs to manage a fleet of microsites – councils, universities, political parties, multinationals, whoever!

The talk you don’t want to miss 

Can running a fleet of microsites really be this easy?

On Thursday, 16 November, at 12pm, as part of LocalGov Drupal Week, Mark will be chatting about the LocalGov Drupal Microsites Platform. 

“I’ve been involved with the LocalGov Drupal microsites platform since its inception and was the lead developer on it, so I know what a brilliant product it is and I can’t wait to show others,” said Mark. 

“So many councils were struggling to manage many microsites simultaneously – and some councils have hundreds of microsites, so it really was a challenge for them. This platform just makes it so much easier. Come along to my presentation on Thursday and I’ll answer any questions you may have too.” 

Some of the things Mark will chat about are: 

Users and permissions 

Mark will not only demonstrate how easy it is to manage an unlimited number of microsites on the same platform, he’ll also take the audience through the permissions system, which lets users only edit the microsites they are members of, so you could have external users working on an internal microsite if you’d like. He will also show you the different roles and permissions you could have assigned to various users. 

Who can use this platform? 

Anyone who needs to manage multiple websites. It’s a standalone platform so you don’t have to be running your main site on Drupal to use it. Although LocalGov Drupal was developed for councils, the Microsite Platform would benefit anyone running more than one site, from national government departments to universities, political parties, multinational corporations and non-profit organisations. 

Create a microsite in three steps 

Yes. Just three steps. That’s all it takes to create a microsite. Mark will show you how. 

Overriding designs per site 

Are you creating a microsite for a specific event, so it needs to have its own branding? Or maybe it’s a new department or club that is affiliated to a parent organisation, so its branding needs to be similar? Each microsite in your fleet could share the same design, or have its own, or you could use the user interface to change the design at will.

About LocalGov Drupal Week

This is the first LocalGov Drupal Week, and will be hosted by the community who built and is involved with the LGD project. It will take place from 13 to 17 November 2023 in the form of virtual sessions, all focusing on doing more with less.

The week-long event offers both those who are already working with LocalGov Drupal as well as those who are considering moving their websites to LocalGov Drupal the opportunity to network and solve problems.

There is a great list of sessions on the LocalGov Drupal Week calendar. It’s free to attend any of these sessions. To register, visit the LocalGov Drupal Week web page and follow the links under each session.

Want to know more about the LGD Microsites Platform?

Mark’s talk takes place on Thursday, 16 November, at 12pm.

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