10 Questions to Critique a Web Design

Previously I wrote about the hidden power that resides in the hands of a designer. A design can make a project succeed or fail. But how do you know? Here are 10 questions you can apply to a supplied design, and the answers to them, or even the process of getting those answers, can bring a good design through to being a great design for your project. Remember, a design is just a picture until it is implemented, and it is important that the technical implementation is considered at the design stage.

5 Reasons why You need a new Website

You need a new website because:

1) You're good looking

You built a website waaaaay back. It's still okay. Actually, it looks good. Quite good. (But not great.)

You need a new website because your business deserves to look better than your competitors'. Why? Because you are better than them. A new website says a lot about your business: it's a window into your shop; it's an advertisement of your brand; it's the first point of contact for many of your future customers.