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04 November 2020

Welcome to the Annertech Team George Baev

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We are really excited to welcome George Baev - backend developer extraordinaire - to Annertech.

George Baev is a backend developer, based in Bulgaria, who brings a wealth of experience to our team. While at Annertech, George will be working on some of the more complex parts of Drupal migrations and integrations. Given his history of work within the financial sector, he will be working on a highly challenging set of tasks for some mission critical web apps with our financial sector clients.

George Baev - backend Drupal developer at Annertech

George has many interests outside of Drupal, such as going for long walks and reading science fiction books. At Annertech, he looks forward to working on large, interesting projects using advanced technologies and approaches. Since joining the team, George has found that we are fantastic people to work with and exceptional professionals (aww, shucks!).

Welcome to the team, George!

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Mark Conroy Director of Development

When not promoting sustainable front-end practices at conferences across Europe, Mark leads our development team to create ambitious digital experiences for clients, so they, in turn, can have success with their clients.