Tough at the top (of Google) - Content Strategy, SEO, and Low Bounce Rates

Annertech is #1 on Google for a number of key search phrases and when we're not, we're usually only beaten by the Drupal Ireland page from g.d.o. ( How did we get to the top of Google? How do we stay there? Two words: hard work - but it really revolves around two other words: content strategy. Let's get down to the details.

What is the difference between Content Strategy and Content Marketing? (and other adventures in communications)

A definition of content strategy is not hard to come up with. It is the process of having a "strategy" for your "content" - what we publish, where, why, and how we measure its success. For some reason, when you tell people you "do" content strategy, they say "Oh, you make viral videos" or "you write blog posts", or "ah, you're an editor". In a small company it's a both/and answer, in a large company it's a neither/nor one.