Your Site's Security is Our Top Priority.

On Wednesday 21 March, the Drupal security team announced a that there would be an extremely important security release of Drupal (SA CORE 2018 002) which would fix a vulnerability in the core code. This vulnerability affected every single Drupal site, whether on 8, 7, 6 or even 5.

This is not a new phenomenon, and is testament to the efficiency and professionalism of the Drupal Security Team that these vulnerabilities are found, fixed, and the releases managed appropriately.

Save Money: Security Updates and Web Hosting in One Simple Package

Choosing proper hosting for your site shouldn't be a race to the bottom.

Hosting websites is hard. Websites themselves are complex, global traffic can mean huge numbers, big spikes in activity and always demanding users. Sites need to be served quickly, consistently and reliably. Downtime costs money, effort, and more than likely a few extra grey hairs too.

Website Security: What You Need to Know as a Site Owner

Hacked sites. Security flaws. Lost data. Loss of trust. Lost customers. Lost revenue. Nightmare.

Just thinking about themes such as these in the media can send a shiver down your spine. It can all seem very daunting, and not just a bit scary when you start to think about it. This article aims to paint a clear picture of what you should be aware of as a site owner - where security weak points are, and strategies to avoid them.

Drupal SA-CORE-2014-005 and POODLE: What you need to know

Worried about the different Drupal and SSL security announcements made this week?  Here's what you need to know.

Drupal SA-CORE-2014-005

On Wednesday, the Drupal Security Team released a highly critical security update (SA-CORE-2014-005) for Drupal 7.  If you have a Drupal 7 site that isn't on the latest 7.32 version, it is extremely important that you upgrade your sites or apply the patch immediately!