Ricardo José Flores Galán

Pixel Pioneers Belfast 2018: My Top 5 Moments

Annertechies were once again at the Pixel Pioneers Belfast conference last week.

A nice and easy train connection from Dublin and the hospitality and nourishment of a Belfast resident (and, as it happens, fellow Annertechy) certainly helped to make the experience as smooth as it could have possibly been (despite some frustration attempting impossible tasks such as trying to hail a taxi on the streets of Belfast city).

Let's get straight into it: here are my top 5 moments:


Ricardo José Flores Galán

Practical and Inspiring Talks at Pixel Pioneers Belfast

Pixel Pioneers, a one-day conference of practical and inspiring talks, took place at the recently expanded Belfast Waterfront last week. As ever, some of us from Annertech had the privilege to attend. The web design and development event is curated by former editor of net magazine Oliver Lindberg.

We were blessed with eight world-class speakers. Here are our the highlights of them all:

Ricardo José Flores Galán

Annertech at “Defuse: Design for Use 2017” Conference

Some of us at Annertech attended the biggest UX design event of the year in Dublin.

Defuse (Design for use), the Ignite event organised by IxDA Dublin took place at The Sugar Club, a venue in Dublin that, until now, I had only ever attended for concerts.

Everything started very gig-like. The queuing outside until doors were opened (it happened to be the coldest day of the year so far), the darkness of the venue, everything.