The 5 Best Modules to Eliminate Spam on a Drupal Website

I hate spam. It's that little annoyance, just a tiny one, that keeps chipping away. And it gets worse, more intense, more frequent. But can it be beaten? In truth, probably not. But we can go a long way towards lessening it. Which means fewer spam accounts and comments.


Building a website - 20 years on

I’ve been building websites since 1996. Almost 20 years. I’ve talked a lot about parts of the process - mainly at the technical end of things, but I can’t recall writing a whole pile about the process of building a website. Some parts change from time to time, and I’m sure the process followed today will seem antiquated in a short time. Nonetheless, I’m going to document the process of building a website from start to finish. 


Better Together Awards 2014

Last week Anthony and I attended the absolutely excellent Better Together awards. Better Together is a nationwide campaign which aims to build support for hundreds of charities, community groups, clubs and associations across the country by encouraging the public to support these good causes and make a difference in their communities.


Scalable & Sustainable Media Management for Drupal Websites