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Drupal Security Audits by Drupal Experts in Ireland
Secure websites. Controlled code.

You want to keep unauthorised people from your sensitive data? So do we. We write the security standards.

Although Drupal is one of the most secure web platforms available, threats are always present. Our stellar cast of developers and auditors can mitigate this more than any other Irish-based agency.

Annertech are very fortunate to have one of the leading experts in Drupal security working with us. Stella, our managing director, has been a member of the Drupal security team for many years and has spoken at conferences locally (Drupal Camps) and internationally (DrupalCons) on the subject. A Drupal security and coding standards fanatic, she is also a maintainer of the indispensable Code Review module, which helps developers produce great code.

Uniquely, we are the only Irish company with personnel on the Drupal security team. With this resource as part of our team, Annertech are the premier choice for your Drupal security reviews, code audits, and server configuration checks.

If this is the kind of expertise you'd like taking care of your website, get in touch.

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