Annertech Sponsors Open for Business 2014 Conference

Annertech have the pleasure of sponsoring this year's Open for Business Conference organised by the OPW and the LGMA. The event takes place in Dublin Castle on Friday 28th November and features a number of case studies and talks about how open standards, open data and open source are driving innovation across the public sector.


My First DrupalCon: DrupalCon Amsterdam

I was given various bits of advice leading up to my attending my first DrupalCon ever. The essence of the one that stuck with me the most is:

Plan. Be realistic. Know you won’t see everything, so make what you do see count.

First on the agenda - get the travel bug out of my system.

It was great. I have a new favourite city, and very fond memories of a real, live Van Gogh.
Monday: explore city. Check.


#DrupalCon Amsterdam: Day 4

Day 4 (blog 3, don't ask!) of DrupalCon Amsterdam, and Annertech have been at it again. For the third time this week, an Annertechie was on stage. This time Stella gave a presentation about our ground-breaking (our word) #d8in8 competition. Check it out in the video below; Stella is on from 36 mins. Following this, we continued our adventures in expanding our Drupal knowledge - yes, even we have more to learn.


#DrupalCon Amsterdam: Day 3

Welcome to Annertech's DrupalCon Amsterdam blog: Day 3. What did we get up to today? As it turns out, lots ... but more importantly (at least for me as the blog editor), we were at Cory Doctorow's keynote speech and then Annertech's Alan Burke's presentation on "Grid Style Sheets" (GSS).